Dot Net Nuke Vs SharePoint


Being a Sharepoint afficianado, I thought my first blog would be nothing but about some cool new feature of Sharepoint(MOSS). But that was not to be...

As soon as I decided to create my new website, the challange rose, in terms of  framework to use for building the new website...Agreed ASP.NET was always there, but in todays world where most of the applications are free why take the trouble of creating something from scratch ? Jhoomla and other WCM, were of not much thought as I am mostly a Microsoft My choice was really limited between MOSS and Dot Net Nuke...

Did a bit of cost analysis and it was no brain teaser that DNN was the platform I was looking for. It took me one week to      learn the basics of it and couple of days to put the site together…So before I go into the individuals points differentiating Moss and DNN lets start with the premise for using either…

To Nuke or to MOSS  is basically a fight between the cost and features required. If you have the money and do require     the features missing in DNN then MOSS is the choice. MOSS is a huge platform with plethora of features available. MOSS      would be an ideal choice for big corporations with large intranet/extranet and lots of user to support having          different data processing needs( see point 2)

But if it’s a basic web content management stuff coupled with some basic workflows, primitive search etc then it would      make sense to go for DNN. Of course you could purchase some more DNN modules from the community and add to any specific requirement that may arise…In my view DNN is suited for personal uses and small corporate houses with limited search or document management requirements.

 Having said that lets go down to the various scenaris/factors which could be deciding factor(s) for going with one of the products. Most oftently it’s a choice between cost and features.

1. Cost

This along with Office integration(point two) is perhaps the single most factors to decide for one way or other.          SharePoint costs money (not counting  WSS )  while DNN is free. Here is a quick link on the cost of using MOSS for      your environment. So if money is there and DNN does not offer much functionalities, MOSS is the thing for you.

2. Features…

Of all the extra feature MOSS provides viz and viz DNN, I think these two below are the killers, titling balance in favour      of MOSS

2.1 Office Integration    

MOSS intergrates tightly with Office, more so in the 2010 version. You could create word docs and upload it to           sharepoint, download excel data, show excel spreadsheets etc. DNN on the other hand stands zilch on these.Agreed you could write the modules to that for DNN, but then I assure you the type of support present in MOSS would take ages to replicate, if you are the only developer.

Document management, Record, Management and Workflows are other areas seriously missing in DNN.

2.2 Search

MOSS beats DNN on this front, especially with the purchase of FAST server for MOSS 2010. You could configure MOSS search to search for haddrives, lotus notes, databases, archives and what have you. DNN search on the other hand is       pretty basic in that respect.

But, if you are looking for a pure Web content Management solution, creating simple pages or a simple blog module       then DNN is the right choice. 

3.  Hardware and Web Farms

MOSS is a beast and require considerably hardware to function properly. A simple Web Farm installation would require   at  least a 64 bit  processor along with 8 GB Ram( only for Application server, excluding the database server requirements). DNN on the other side is light weight and can run on most of the basic web servers. So, DNN might have an edge on this front.

But consequently, MOSS can be extended to multiple farms, support a large operation both for intranet and well as          internet scenarios, which DNN would not. Running a whole corporate level intranet for a large corporation would keep    you awake for rest of your life.

This analysis is based on using organisation's own servers for hosting. Agreed we could use the hosted environments too but I think the cost factor will still play a crucial role there....




The hyperlink mentioned in the 1st point Cost navigating to Bamboo Solutions website gives Page/Resource not found...

I just checked it and its would need to register on the site though....Please check again...cheersa

Hey Akshay ,

The link pointing to Cost navigating to Bamboo..It Doesn't have content . please have a look and correct it .

I'm a beginner in sharepoint (absolutely beginner), and I now I have to change my company's website from .net nuke portal to a sharepoint portal. I have .net nuke DB and a .stp file to move.
I've searched over internet for days but still no luck until i came across your website. Please tell me is this possible, if yes, please tell me a hint where to start.
Thank you very much and i'm waiting for your reply.

Dear Le
what you could probably do is to separate out the Master pages/.css files etc from the dot net nuke and then use them in sharepoint portal.
As far as the existing content is conerned, you can use sharepoint object model to use the existing page content in dot net nuke and create the pages in MOSS.
I don't think there is any out of box mechanism to automatically change the things.


Thanks so much for the fast reply,
Do you think there's a way to manually add thousands artical from the old site to the new one ?
That sound nearly impossible.
I'm looking forward to have you help next time.
Thanks again.