All I wanted to know of MMS 2013- 3


This is Part three of the ongoing series. Also see Part One and Part Two..
SharePoint 2013 not only improves upon earlier existing 'Manual' translation of Managed Metadata but also adds an automatic translation

Term Translation

SharePoint 2013 come OOB with two options to translate Term Sets data into various languages.

Machine Translate

The data to be translated is send to the Microsoft’s cloud translation service for translation to destination language. The translation is done automatically and the updated data is loaded into the Managed Metadata Service automatically.

FYI Machine Translation is not specifically for Managed Metadata Service but is available for documents, Web content etc.

Tempting it may sound, care should be taken as Microsoft may release the content to third party content translators for quality improvement. It might be a good idea to let the content authors explicitly know about this potential issue

To use this option...

  • Check that in the Machine Translation Service is working in the Service Application Page.In case there is a problem, try deleting and creating the service again.

  • Select the term set for which translation is needed. In the Translation method use Machine Translation and click ‘Continue’
  • Select the configuration and click ‘Continue’.

  • Once  a successful message is received, change the drop down on top left to French and the translated text should show automatically

An important point to consider is that ‘pinned’ items are not translated as in the image above. Which is pretty logical as its Read Only.

Manual Translation Package

This is a human intensive disjointed translation mechanism (wow moi ability for phrases!). Exports the entire Term Set into a package, send it for translation and then upload it back in.

  • Select on the Term Set.
  • Go to Translation Tab
  • Select Create Transition Package

  • Select the criteria and save the file

  • Translation

I could not find any good editor for this file to be edited for different languages. This definitely calls for a good third party tool…therefore I modified the file in Visual Studio for the following changes…

Important thing to note here is that unlike in the image above, the translation is not only limited to text and description. You can pretty much translate the SEO and other properties too.
  • Upload the saved file via Translation tab

Select French as the language in the MMS drop down. Open the properties which you modified and the French text should be seen

In the next blog we discuss the real meat..Navigation with metadata