Flip Book For SharePoint


Recently wrote a flipbook web part to render the uploaded images in a booklet mode.  The project is in Codeplex and can be downloaded here: https://fb.codeplex.com/

Project Description

FlipBook is a web part which loads the images from a configurable folder in a sharepoint list. So if you have a pdf document then you need to convert each page into an image (jpg etc) .The images are then shown as a Flip Book to end users. In case there is a document ( pdf etc) in the folder, the web part provides the button to print it. This print button is a configurational property.

The web part properties allows the user to configure the SPWeb, List and Folder where the Images are located.

A special thanks to @builtbywill for the Jquery booklet Js on which this web part is based upon


1. Package the source code and Open the bat file; replace the web url.
2. Set the file location of the wsp
3. Run the bat file
4. Open the web site in browser and activate the feature ' Flipbook Book Web Part' in Site Collection Features
5. Go to any page and Edit it and Add a web part
6. Under category Akki Flipbook Select Flipbook
7. Configure the web part properties

Key Points

1. Name of the uploaded image is Important . This has to be in ascending order so that SharePoint knows which sequence to show the images in.
2. Use Keyboard Arrows or Mouse Pointer (take the pointer to very end of image) for Navigation
3. Full page mode can be opened by double clicking the images. Use ‘esc’ / Alt + F4 to close Full Page
4. Recommend Image Resolution 800px.
5. Width / Height of the Initial view ( Non-Full Page) is Configurable
6. Following document formats will be available for printing Pdf, Doc, Docx, Ppt, PPtx. Only the first one found will be printed.

Any update request, error or technical help , I am available at @akkisharepoint




Step 6 of your key points has a typo.