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As soon as I ran a seemingly innocuous code reading a list, MOSS 2010 welcomed me with a nice error message which
had no equivalent in MOSS 2007 world…


" The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator."

Image Error

And my code was… 

Throttle code

The error is basically, a limit laid down by MOSS 2010 on the number of list items you can retrieve back in a
single view. This is more important when interacting with large lists and doc libraries. Imagine a slow server
and an operation fetching data worth thousands of rows on an page... Most of the times you would reach
a timeout before getting anything back. To overcome these problems comes the new feature Throttling. There
are two areas where Throttling is applied by MOSS...List and Http Request...

List Throttling…

By default the limit is set to 5000 for normal users and 20,000 for site admins. The choice of 5000 is interesting.
In case of any operation involving more than 5000 rows to be read, it’s always efficient for SQL Server to temporary
lock down the whole table and do the operation. Therefore limiting the result set to 5000 is quite handy for
performance purposes.

These limits are specific to individual web applications and can be configured at Web Application level…

Go To Central Admin > Click on Manage Web Applications > Select the Web Application >General Settings>Resource Throttling

Central Administration for Thtottling

Central Administration Throttle

Object Model  Suport

A number of additional properties and exception have been added in the platform to deal programmatically
with Throttling. One important class is the SPQueryThrottledException class. So, I modified my code as below,
caught this exception and voilla it worked… Keep in mind since, I was the admin on the box I could override the
Throttled mode in catch block.  If the users don’t have access then they wont be able to override.  But still catching
this exception will at least give you a chance to show some nice usable error message.

Throttling code MOSS 2010
Other important property is the  Splist. IsThrottled,  that indicates whether the total number of items
the upper limit set for the list...

Check out the Part 2 of the article detailing best Throttling practices …







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Override option only works for BOX administrators, not for regular users...

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I was not able to retrive only throttle list items,,, im a normal user,, in a list there are more than 6000 items,, when i set list view throshold value to 2000, i can see all the 6000,, can any one help me on this

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