SharePoint / User Profile Service Breaks while configuring Hybrid Search


User Profile service breaks down on STS certificate change


Referring to the following blog to configure Hyrbid, one of the steps is to change the STS token certificate 

Chances are post changing the certificates ( on all  APP and WFE ) the home page and all pages requiring  some kind of UPS service breaks down

 There were entries logged in Log files pointing to UPS not working but not much helpful to pinpoint the exact reason

 Turns out, you need to actually install those certificates on each server, simply configuring the STS service with the cert is not enough

 To install you can right click the cert file and then say "Import" .  Note, that you have to select 'Local Machine' and Store the certificate  in the 'Trusted Root Certification Authority'.





Ended up wasting half a day, hope it saves someone else time