Professional .NET MVC 5


Claims : Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 is the comprehensive resource you need to make the best use of the updated Model-View-Controller technology.

Read Yes Buy Maybe


The book is a mixed bag with goods and bads intermixed together, though tilted more towards the better side.

First the food things about it...

In tradition of Wrox, a total novice (like me) can pick this up and start exploring the world and be comfortably placed. The book goes through the History of the platform and reason for why something else than Web Forms were needed. Interesting to know that the first version written by Scott was while travelling in a plane!  The book takes the reader from easier concepts, examples to more complicated ones. In each chapter you have a sense of grasping the concepts with newer chapters throwing newer concepts. 

Chapter on security Role and Membership is good as it takes you through the safeguards you need to undergo which were taken for granted in ASP.NET and its here that you realise the full understanding of the platform. Scenarios for
Cross Site Scripting, Over Posting etc is discussed in details.  The discourse on Google and Facebook authentication is good though it feels like a bit hurried up. You get the gist but need to do some more research to understand it fully. 

Routing chapter is good it takes you into much details, various example and different scenarios are explained in detail. One particular thing missing was the information on how to know  exactly which route was selected for a particualr request. I could not find this informatio in the debugging route section

There is a nugget of information on working with Nuget, which though a good thing to know is not exactly related to MVC. I ignored it but interested people should surely check it 

Author explains Jquery in an easy read with detailed theory and explanation.The talk on Angualr Js and MVC is a treat.   Other notable chapters are in Unit testing one and the last chapter which basically contains a compendium of nuggets of tips and tricks you would need while  working on a production environment on MVC. This is sort of knowledge once gets only via experience  but is laid  down in a book for the readers. A good example is the use of 
Route Magic module.

One drawback of book authored by multiple authors is a disconnect which sometimes comes and you can feel it in chapter 5 when the discussion goes straight to ModelState etc .At another place the book talks of Resource files and MVC without going into the details of how to implement a resource file 

Data Validation chapter starts with an example using scaffolding, without going into details of how it all works. To me its not a very smart option, primarily I am not a big fan of scaffolding because it puts lots of code which one does not need and secondly it hides the inner working of platform, which is why one would really take up the book.  But that option is not in the book and one has to follow the examples and do further reading online

The attribute [ActionResult] which is a key for MVC is explained very late in the book ( in appendix section at the end). By the time i reached there i had already searched for it on web

A major let down was the chapter on webApi. Given the fact that its one of the major areas and certainly the most talked about feature of MVC,justice is not done to it.  Most of the chapter feel like a lift off of MSDN documentation with the only example given at the end of it.
That example is too complicated to comprehend in one go. In short its boring and i felt sleepy though I had had quite a cups of coffee to keep me awake.  The same can be said for chapter 13 of the dependency injection