Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step by Step


Claims : Quickly teach yourself how to use Microsoft® InfoPath® 2010 to create electronic business forms for Microsoft SharePoint® 2010. With Step by Step, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!

Read Yes, If Supporting Buy Probably Not

BEWARE: You should never use Infopath, you should never even try to read this book unless supporting existing Forms. Go through article by Andrew Connell and Sahil Malik on the reasons. Needless to say, I fully agree. But had to learn this to support existing implementation

Having got past the disclaimer, lets start with the book review. First the good points..

The book is easy to peruse, starts with nice technical background of Infopath. Goes through a bit about xml mechanism behind Infopath.  Presents a nice checklist for compairing various versions of Infopath ( Office, Non- Enterprise etc) and features available in each one of them.

Most of the examples provided in the book are easy to follow, you can go through them and within a minute you would get the basic idea of what the technology is about.Various Controls, views, Data Sources etc are explained nicely. Later Chapters goes through Publishing the forms to SharePoint, using the Infopath web parts to show these forms etc , which are helful in case SharePoint is involved with your forms.

The only negatice points of the book are that later chapters were a bit complicated and difficult to follow Explanation provided for various technical areas is not consonant with the complexity involved. Reproducing the forms as shown in chapter 9 got me stuck up with error and had no idea where to look / find the solution. The book lacks deep discussion about not only the fundamentals of Infopath but also how it can integrate with Active Directory, UPS in sharepoint and worst how to implement custom coding.

In comparison to 'Addison Wesley Designing Forms for SharePoint and Infopath'(review coming soon) this book lacks deep technical focus. Its really a "learn infopath in 24 hours" sorts in comparios to the Addison Wesley one. So if you have money, only to buy one book go for Addison Wesley one. If you are filthy rich or have a daddy paying for you, start with this book. Then If you feel you want to learn more about Infopath go for Addison Wesley.

In nuthsell, Book is good as far as providing a five thousand miles view of Infopath, but that view is sufficient to get you through what is already implemented in your intranet. An ok book to start on infopath journey, which i hope you would never do