Apress Practical SharePoint Governance


Claims : Practical SharePoint 2013 Governance is the first book to offer practical and action-focused SharePoint governance guidance based on consulting experiences with real organizations in the field

Read No Buy Hell NO !!

Chapter 7 Page 193, the book mentions something about 'Gaps are larger'. This basically is true of the book. The gap between what the title of the book and the content is like our Universe, Infinite and continuously expanding.  I normally would have started with what works for the books. This book is special and i would break from my habit and start with negatives

First of all, I have no idea why the word SharePoint is added to the title. Majority of the content talks in general about the accepted software engineering practices. How to gather requirements, how to  code , testing practices etc and are too generic in nature. There is nothing SharePointy in it. From a book mentioned 'SharePoint Practical and Governance' I accepted the author to enlighten me with new features in detail ( OK maybe not in total depth but at least where it is, what it is and how to use it. With Screenshots, procedures etc). The book goes on and on and on about Software engineering practices like a Tolstoy's novel. It is sort of  guide book for a MBA Grad in IT with sprinkles of SharePoint stuff thrown in between. Alas, this SharePoint stuff is like and old man's teeth, few and far in between.

Secondly, even when SharePoint functionalities are mentioned, they are done in a cursory and very un-detailed way. The request management section shows a screen shot nothing else.
Not many references of the code and whatever is mentioned, is again trivial eg opening a popup window via Javascript etc. Pretty basic, something you would find even before you goolge it

Chapter 1 : has some cursory look at Top level SharePoint features. Nothing in detail, but then that's true of the complete book
Chapter 2/4 : complete Software engineering stuff nothing about SharePoint at all
Chapter 6: talks about the high availability of the farms and the achieving 9 principle. Again it applies to all the software projects and nothing SharePoint in it.

By the time you reach the SharePoint stuff, chances are the book is in your bookshelf never to be opened again. Its like Sharks making their first appearance post second half of a Steven Spielberg movie.

Chapter 7 : has some good ideas about collecting feedback etc
Chapter 10: has some good points about scaling up and down the farms etc, request routing. But only in concept nothing practical
Chapter 11: Has some basic SharePoint advice which if you are not a dolt, you would know. Something like giving a good database names and not relying on GUIDS, not modifying the OOB files in hive etc

While you are feeling guilty about spending 37 dollars on the books, the author starts with his cooking anecdotes and how he loves Risotto. The only thing i wanted at that point was to get my money back