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Claims : This hands-on guide introduces you to AngularJS, the open source JavaScript framework that uses Model–view–controller (MVC) architecture, data binding, client-side templates, and dependency injection to create a much-needed structure for building web apps.

Read Yes Buy If you are a JS developer

For a SharePoint guy like me, the benefit of Angular lies in its ability to play with the fields of a webpage in an easy uncluttered way and that is precisely why you should read this book.  Imagine a form with tens of fields to be validated, filtered on, sorted by or automatically updated depending upon user's input. The normal course would be to tap the event handlers (cumbersome), access all these fields ( id does not work as SharePoint ids are dynamic ) using JQuery's start and end operators etc.

Angular overcomes these obstacles by mapping every field with a variable and all the changes to this variable is reflected automatically. No event handlers to be tapped, no code to update field values etc. Don't get me wrong, Angular can do a lot more than that but being a SharePoint developer I don't think I would use it for many other purposes.

The book starts good by giving you all the basic and most important use cases/functionalities offered by Angular Js with easy examples you can replicate on a normal html page. Chapter 1-2-3 gets you hooked up to the power of Angular js. Chapter 4 is a bit drag (for me at least) as it involves setting up Web Servers and various tools for automated testing. As I was not interested in it perhaps that's the reason I did not find it interesting.

Later half of the book goes into more complex ares of creating custom directives, Promise, Transculation etc. Things, I guess if you are working with SharePoint correctly you might not often use. The discussion on Ajax implementation along with code examples is good but then you can do pretty much the same with Jquery itself(  Angular itself is based on Jquery ).

For me the only drawback of the book was in not providing any examples to integrate Angular with ASP.NET. Which given the book does not make any claims otherwise is understandable. Had to spend some time to figure out how to make this work ( still haven't figured out some of them ).

Also, The book forgets to mention where all the code base is. Took me a while to download it from github. You need to click the Zip button on the right bottom corner

In case you are willing to master Angular, I would recommend this books along with the tutorials at angular. Make sure to check out the Mobile phone application there, its brilliant .