Nintex Workflow Actions for Adobe Esign Cloud
Nintex Workflow actions to integrate Adobe Ecloud solution with OnPremise SharePoint - Nintex Workflows
Nintex Workflow Actions for Adobe Esign Cloud
Nintex Workflow actions to integrate Adobe Ecloud solution with
Exception with LUIS in Microsoft Bot Framework
LuisIntent [File of type 'text/plain']
SharePoint / User Profile Service Breaks while configuring Hybrid Search
User Profile service breaks down on STS certificate change
Column drop downs hiding behind other elements in Nintex forms
In case you have series of metadata column in you form one after other, the chances are that the suggestion dropdowns will hide behind other elements of the form
Complex Queries in OOB SharePoint List View
Many a times during SharePoint development, we come across the problem of a sharepoint list view with a very complex query. This is a problem, as the OOB sharepoint view settings page, does not allow the flexibility of applying brackets etc to our view ( or even specifying the CAML directly! )
Planner Tile Not Appearing for Some O365 licences
I had a user with E3 licence and Planner Service enabled...
Service Code For Office Planner
Get the Service Codes for the Office 365 Service Plans
OnPremise One Drive Usage
Powershell script to get the all the users using one drive on premise
Download mulitple SharePoint Attachment and make One PPT
The code downloads a collection of slides from list attachments and makes one combined ppt
Javascript working in Internet Explorer (IE 11) Developer Mode Only
Javascript code works fine with developer toolbar open but otherwise stops executing anything and sits ideally . And No its not Console.log
ADAL authnetication error
The type initializer for 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.Authenticator' threw an exception.
Lists with a Particular Managed Metadata Column
This utility traverses the whole sharepoint farm and outputs the lists using a particular Managed Metadata Term Set as column
Managed Search Property not being returned in Search Results
Managed Search Property not being returned in Search Results
SharePoint Alerts not working
SharePoint Alerts not working post initial ( welcome ) email.
Append Changes To Multiple Line Text Field
Programatically accessing the last version(text) stored in the multiple lines of text column when Append Changes was set to true
List of Links To SharePoint Sub Sites via Javascript
Using Client Side Javascript object notation to show a list of links to all the subsites within a site
Export To Excel Link
Trick to easily include a link to export a sharepoint list on you site homepage
SharePoint Designer Worflow: Could not deserialize object
Probable solution to your could not deserialize error in sharepoint designer
Flip Book For SharePoint
Web part to show Images as a Flip Book.
Access Denied On window.Load Javascript function
Access Denied error message while using window.load function in sharepoint pages
Convert PDF to FlipBook in SharePoint
Three easy ways to have a Flip Book kind of functionality for you PDF documents in SharePoint Pages
Audience Targeting not working for some Account
Audience Targetting and security restrictions
Google Maps in your website
A nice and easy alternative to integrating Google Maps in your project
checklist Creating SharePoint Apps
Checklist before creating sharepoint apps
All I wanted to know of MMS 2013- 4
In this post we discuss the Navigational aspect of the Managed Metadata Service. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for other features...
State Service Error while working with WorkFlow
Solution to "Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service encountered an error executing a stored procedure".
All I wanted to know of MMS 2013- 3
In this post we go through the Automatic and Manual content translation features available for Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013.
All I wanted to know of MMS 2013- 2
This is the part two of the ongoing series regarding Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2013 beta. See Part one here...
All I wanted to know of MMS 2013- 1
The series of posts demo the changes in Managed Metadata Service in terms
of Navigation, Custom Properties, SEO Utitlisation , Multi Lingual support,
Automatic Translation to different languages and support for meta tags etc...
Bienvenu SharePoint 2013
Welcome SharePoint 2013, the new kid on the block. This post is Amalgamation of some of  the links i found useful ...
Hide Taxonomy Suggestion
Using Url Rewrite module to hide the Taxonomy (Metadata) suggestions.
To XSL or Not To XSL
When to use XSLT to render page content in Sharepoint?
Variation Labels for a site collection
Solution to  "Variations.Current.UserAccessibleLabels" throwing NullReferenceException (object reference not set to
an instance of an object).We also learn how to get the VariationLabels for each of the variation sites...
DocMetaMan : Bulk document Upload and MetaData (Taxonomy) Setter
DocMetaMan lets user select a root folder and upload the documents to selected document library in SharePoint 2010. The tool presents a nice GUI prompting the user to select the taxonomy to be associated with the documents before uploading them to SharePoint.
Assembly Redirection and SharePoint
Article discusses Assembly redirection, a new feature supported by the new 2010 platform. With the help of an example, the article describes behind the scene processes as well as the caveats of using Assembly Redirection...
Managed Multi Lingual (Localised )Metadata & Content Type
The power of managed metadata added to MOSS 2010 really finds its way through Content Types. The taxonomy/folksonomy features in SharePoint can be piggybacked to a Syndicated Content type and thus be available to all the web applications/site collections of the entire organization's IT footprint. The icing on the cake is the multilingual/localised support for this content which can be done without a single piece of custom code….
MOSS 2010 for Free
The post details building a Sharepoint 2010 development evrionment free of cost. Tips and Tricks to get MOSS 2010 installed on a Windows Server 2008 OS along with all the prerequistice...absolutely free... You can get the platform running even on a personal laptop with Vista /Windows 7 OS.... We also discuss the solution for "Unsupported version" error encountered while running the Configuration Wizard .
Fast Search Error
Solution for "Unexpected error has occurred" while creating a sub site of type Fast Search Server.
Throttling - Best Practices
In this article we discuss the best practices for throtting and managing large lists in MOSS 2010. The concept of Indexed columns, Happy hours for running queries returning large resultsets etc...
List Throttling
We discuss the key new features of MOSS 2010 for performance enhancement and error trapping. In depth analysis of the list and resourse throttling, object model for list throttling and programatically overridding the throttling limits for SharePoint.

Part 2 of the article discuss about the best practices for managing large lists and Resource Throttling.
SPSite Error
The article details the solution to perhaps the most common error faced by developer community while running the object model code on MOSS 2010...viz The Web application at  http:// <> could not be found.Verify that you have typed the URL correctly
Dot Net Nuke Vs SharePoint
The blog details the factors in deciding the use of Dot net nuke or Shareopint Server for Content Management Systems. We discuss the key scenarios, the cost implication, customisation etc.