JS Link
Use the JS Links property for various view, web parts, fields etx
JS Link on MDS Site
Using Javascript on Minimal Download Strategy enabled web sites
Shrink SQL Db For Space
Link to the script which shrinks the db files on development box ending up freeing the space
Flip Book Web Part
FlipBook is a web part which loads the images from a configurable folder in a sharepoint list
Explorer View of GAC
Link explaining how to open the GAC in explorere view
CSOM Rest Code Generator
Tool to generate the code for calling into the rest services of SharePoint
Export Managed Metadata
Export and Import the managed metadata service data between farms
Caml Designer
CAML queries designer for sharepoint 2013. Under Downloads
Search Queries
Seach Query Syntaxes for different combination of keywords
Web Service in SharePoint 2010
Implement Web Service in SharePoint 2010
ADAL Authentication
Basics of ADAL Authentication
PNG Gauntlet
Resize images
Planner Tile Not Appearing For O365 licences
I had a user with E3 licence and Planner Service enabled . Though she could access planner directly via url https://tasks.office.com/ the tile did not show up at the office portal.
GIf Maker
Utility to make GIF out of images, webcam or videos
Color picker from image
Pick color from an image