Hide Taxonomy Suggestion


Problem Statement:  OOB the SharePoint taxonomy field renders a suggestion box post  Metadata terms selection as in image below. Client did not want to have this box post selection ( they were not typing in the taxonomy but selecting it from the image button on right)>

Could not find any property on the field to Not show this box. Writing custom JS to hide is not that straightforward as SharePoint overrides the display property and custom control was  too much for too little.

The alternate is to write a Url Rewrite in IIS to block any request  which shall return the ‘suggestions’. The field actually makes the following request to  url “_vti_bin/TaxonomyInternalService.json/GetSuggestions” to load the suggestions. Writing a url rewrite entry to block request to this url did the trick.

Note that, since its a web application entry, the new behavior would be replicated for all the Site collection in the web application.