Audience Targeting not working for some Account


Ok this one got me stumped and i could not figure initially what was happening.

Structure : Root Web > Parent Site > SubSite

For our Team , created a new web 'SubSite' with broken inheritence permission from Parent Site, ie users of SubSite had no access to ParentSite. This meant on the Root Web the users would no see any link to Parent Site and hence they cant reach the SubSite  Since permission inheritence was broken, the link to Parent site would not show up for these users.

The alternate I thought was audience targetting with the link to Parent Site in Navigation Setting of the Root Web.  Still no luck till i figured out that if i added the Farm Admin account to targeted Audience group, the link was appearing.

In nutshell,  the intented users should have the security access to the links. The issue of them being in the targeting audience group is secondary.




Hi Akshay Have u faced this issue? sometimes target audience on custom web part works perfectly. but when i take the backup and move on to different servers i couldnt able to see the target audience option in webpart..Is audience targeting depends upon any services??? Anand

hi Anand It depends on User Profile Service web service application. You might want to check the Manage Audience section ( under People ) to see the audience target group exisits or not. In User Profile Service, you can test if the group you are setting in the web part exists or is working properly cheers a