Convert PDF to FlipBook in SharePoint


Note: The web part is now available at :

You haven't really experienced SharePoint magic, If you have not spent hours (and sometimes days) to work on a problem and then figured out, SharePoint could handle it OOB with some slight modifications.

Our business users wanted to show a pdf document as a flipbook into the intranet. They were using external websites to convert their pdf documents to a flash flipbook. There is no dearth of such websites like etc.   Get the flash file from these web sites and load it in SharePoint....Pretty straightforward I thought

Option 1

Use a CQWP and show the flash file. Not ! As there were some users not having flash player installed. Access restrictions within organisation meant they had to go to IT. Plus integrating these flash files is hell of a job ( mind you, its not a simple one file flash, often you would end up referencing xml files bla bla bla). Further to this, turns out only reason business uses these external websites was to convert the pdf file to flash, nothing else.

Option 2

My developer instinct kicked in, wrote a web part using Magic.Net to create images out of the pdf file , store them into a doc library and then use booklet Jquery plugin for rendering the images like a flipbook. Everything was done and as soon as i opened the webpart the Einstenian bulb swithced on...

Option 3

Post the Bulb glaring in my mind, I asked Business to upload the images to the Picture library and use a Picture Library Slide show web part instead. Turns out, business already had these images before converting them to pdf....

A simple idea as always saves a sharepoint day ....