Export To Excel Link


The export to excel link is available OOB on the List tab of the SharePoint lists. I wanted to have this link on the Homepage, Just the link not the list and certainly not the list.

There are two ways to handle this, technical way and the dumb way. Technical way is here and here, which basically involves getting your hand dirty with various guids and constructing the actual hyperlink. 
But I certainly prefer(invented?) the dumb yet better way  which is....

  1. Go to the SharePoint List you want to export.
  2. Click on the Export to Excel link
  3. Save the 'owssvr.iqy' file when prompted.
  4. Upload this file to a document library somehwere in you site.
  5. Use a Summary Link Web Part to add the link to this file.
  6. Publish the page and call the users to test...

No guids no BS, totally dumb yet profound way!





Good work!Does SharePoint 2013 has some web part to show a oneNote notebook in a Frame ?So that we can edit a Note while still sieneg the quick menu, header and other webparts?Thanks,Gael